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Thiruttu Payale 2 Full HD Movie,Free Download And Watch Online


Thiruttu Payale 2 Full HD Movie,Free Download And Watch Online

In this modern era, where the infinite possibilities of technology are favored by men and women, do we actually expect about its varied ill-effects? Together with Thiruttu Payale two, Susi Ganeshan tries to learn more about the life of a few, which gets severely affected as a result of the indirect intervention of technology. An intruder that enters Agal’s life makes their life a wreck, which educates Selvam in one specific moment that their connection was not as transparent as he believed it was.


Selvam is a committed surveillance pro and is delegated the task of tapping the telephone calls of suspicious men and women. Actually, his senior educates him to adhere to the calls of his batchmates, also, that are in reputed places from the police division. Small did Selvam realize he was becoming obsessed with his career, thus missing good minutes together with his wife. However, his parents have been discovering this. Really confused, Agal selects a buddy and brother to talk about her frustrations. Lately, Selvam, who’s accustomed to listening to others’ discussions, gets the shock of his life when he knows his wife is trying hard to escape from her FB buddy’s blackmailed.


The storyline gets fascinating when the husband and wife begin dealing with the matter, but conceal the matter from one another. Taking advantage of the, Balki tries various unfair strategies to torture Agal. Selvam does not wish to hurt Agal by asking her all they, and the latter will be fearful of her husband’s response if she shows it. What follows is a cat-and-mouse match with some scenes that are engaging.


As a smart criminal with quantified instincts, Prasanna sets an impressive functionality. Amala, as the doting wife, was good in distributing the ideal emotions, and Simha, as a husband, who’s also an ambitious practitioner, was clever enough. The scene between all the three at the couple’s home is a joy to see, possibly the best sequence in this film. The dialogues on connections, technology, love, etc., were very impressive. An odd cameo of the manager himself, analyzing the many sequences from the movie, also, was a book concept, though we watched another version of it at Taramani earlier this season.


Thiruttu Payale 2 Full HD Movie

Genre:                          Thriller
Cast:                            Bobby Simha, Amala Paul, Prasanna
Quality:                        HD
Directed By:                Susi Ganesan
Written By:                  Susi Ganesan

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