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Notebook Hindi Movie HD Free Download


Notebook Hindi Movie HD Free Download

Notebook Hindi Movie: That is what occurs to Kabir if he takes up the task to instruct at a distant house-boat college in Kashmir. He finds a notebook, the former teacher, Firdous employed as her journal, and that he falls in love with her feelings and passions. Featuring a really innovative idea, Notebook is a film for diehard romantics. But devout fans of this genre will concur that the film does not actually do enough with its fundamental premise. The one-line storyline is intriguing; however, the screenplay fails to perform anything more.

A version of this Thai drama’The Teacher’s Diary’ (2014),” Notebook makes great use of the abilities of its novices Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan Bahl. The freshness of the lead group, along with also the exotic Kashmiri setting, includes a visual appeal to the film. The odd story of falling in love with a person who you’ve never fulfilled stays intrigue for most aspects of this run time, also. However, the film takes a bit too Notebook Hindi Movie much time to put up things. The young couple does not match until the climactic parts of the film, and when the high-drama kicks inside seem too small, too late.


However, neither the screenplay nor the dialogues can enhance the drama to requisite degrees. Between the mesmerizing visuals of Kashmir and also an ethereal river, would be the two novices, who give their heart and soul into the figures. They have very little screen time together, therefore their chemistry is not really able to create any effect, but both celebrities show promise. Director Nitin Kakkar, who is made’Filmistaan’ and’Mitron’ previously, is not capable to flesh out the Notebook Hindi Movie entire potential of this narrative accessible. The Kashmiri songs by composer Vishal Mishra are gratifying, but the tunes have not been utilized to the essential effect.

‘Notebook’ is also a simple watch where it’s possible to enjoy the humor, drama, and love. However, the film leaves you wanting to get more. Maybe with more imagination in composing, this youthful romantic saga might have achieved more. He falls in love without ever known or met her.

Notebook Hindi Movie HD Free Download

Genres:                                   Drama – Romance
Quality:                                  HD
Director:                                 Nitin Kakkar
Writers:                                  Darab Farooqui – Sharib Hashmi
Cast:                                       Zaheer Iqbal- Pranutan Bahl- Mir Mohammed Mehroos

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