Majili Full HD Movie,Free Download And Watch Online

Majili Full HD Movie,Free Download And Watch Online

Love, heartbreak, and cricket is your assumption around which Shiva Nirvana assembles his most recent love story Majili. He joins his characters gradually around this, except for the massive part of the film, there is a lot of heartbreak and less love, while cricket is only shown as an aside — the majority of it is faulty and exaggerated. It seems people in Vizag, in which the film is established, are prepared to beat up each other in the drop of a hat. And there is scarcely any closed to all of the violence. And yet, despite all this, Majili keeps you interested and amused for any part of it.

The film revolves around Poorna (Naga Chaitanya), a collapsed cricketer, who becomes an alcoholic and borrows money from his spouse Sravani (Samantha), to receive his daily booze fix. He is a hassle to his neighborhood and also a constant source of stress to his daddy (Rao Ramesh). However, Sravani remains convinced he’ll come around, his wounds will eventually cure. Except his injuries aren’t physical — they’re psychological ones who run deep, it almost destroys him. As a budding cricketer, Poorna falls for Anshu (at a typical, dramatic hate-turns-love scenario ). When things appear to be moving smoothly, he gets involved with a rift with his captain, stops the group and makes the decision to work for a corrupt politician Bhushan (Subbarao) rather than And like this, one wrong choice affects his life forever.

Fairly frequently, the director seems to be in 2 heads and is uncertain whether he wishes to break stereotypes or tick each box he believes is required to produce the film work. Every character has depth and seems to happen to be saddled with a lot of thought; the music is fantastic, and also the pain of this protagonist is depicted without turning the film into a sobfest. A few brilliant performances aid the director in the lead cast. Samantha outshines everyone having an understated yet powerful functionality. Chaitanya seems more in his element when he is playing the Egyptian, heartbroken alcoholic instead of the younger cricketer that is revealed in the flashback sequences. Rao Ramesh and Posani Murali Krishna will be the individuals who lift this film past the protagonist’s sullen love story, with excellent performances.

Majili HD movie


Majili Full HD Movie

Genre:               Drama | Romance
Cast:                 Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Naga Chaitanya Akkineni, Atul Kulkarni
Quality:             HD
Directed By:    Shiva Nirvana
Written By:      Shiva Nirvana

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