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Krishnarjuna Yudham Full HD Movie,Free Download And Watch Online


Krishnarjuna Yudham Full HD Movie,Free Download And Watch Online

Nenu Local’,” MCA’ and’Krishnarjuna Yuddham’ — there appears to be a blueprint at the type of masala entertainers and functions Nani is choosing. Following’Gentleman’, Nani is back at a double avatar in this movie — that the lungi clad Chittoor dialect mouthing Krishna along with the bandana and cringe-worthy sock sporting Arjun out of Prague. Joining these two together isn’t only their looks but just one episode that will alter their lives for the worse since they need to race against time to save their wives. Arjun is your cliché rockstar who sleeps around with girls without conscience and provides subpar concerts into a crying hoard of lovers.

Eventually, a woman walks to Krishna’s life, who’ll give him the time of this day. The granddaughter of the sarpanch, physician Riya (Rukshar Mir), sprouts off scientific titles of what she sees and drops for Krishna’s ease. As a comparison, Arjun eventually meets a girl who calls on his bullsh*t, the ballsy Subbalakshmi (Anupama Parameswaran), who is the photographer of a character magazine at Hyderabad; that for some reason even strikes stands at Prague. She does not believe a word that comes from Arjun’s mouth, even if he is telling the truth.

After a quirk of destiny takes Riya and Subbalakshmi to Hyderabad on precisely the exact same afternoon, together with Krishna and Arjun after near, things go awry. Both women go lost with not a hint available, but Krishna and Arjun opt to take things into their own hands and locate their lady enjoys in a period of 48 hours. ‘Krishnarjuna Yuddham’ henceforth morphs out of a romantic comedy into a thriller that plans to become extreme and tight, but neglects. Gone in the next half are Krishna’s amusing buddies who can’t spell directly in English and Arjun’s supervisor cum companion Brahmaji that loathes having to teach music courses to Subbalakshmi’s tone-deaf aunt. Do not get us wrong, Nani excels in this one since the spontaneous Krishna, it is just the playboy Arjun that renders us . Anupama Parameswaran pros throughout her part of this lovely and independent Subbalakshmi, and can be a joy to see onscreen. Her characterization remains on course until she overreacts and exhibits psychopathic tendencies for a short while. Rukshar Mir, too looks cute in her character, even though her character’s habit of mouthing off the scientific titles appears to have on the viewer’s nerves, even in the event the sighs from the theatre were anything to go by.


Krishnarjuna Yudham Full HD Movie

Genre:                   Action and Thriller
Cast:                     Nani, Anupama Parameshwaran, Rukshar Dhillon
Quality:                 HD
Directed By:         Merlapaka Gandhi
Written By:           Merlapaka Gandhi, Arjun (writers) (co-writer)

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