Comali Full HD Movie,Free Download And Watch Online

Comali Full HD Movie,Free Download And Watch Online

But since the makers have charged it as a pleasure and’no-brainer’ movie, those sequences prove to be harmless on screen. The film starts off with Ravi’s (Jayam Ravi) voice over since his expansion from a little schoolboy at 80s into two students in late 90s, is introduced in an engaging manner, thank you for his mix scenes using Yogi Babu. After a couple of days, he presents her an idol which he believes near to his heart, after that, an incident happens that leads him to coma point to get a decade-and-a-half. Ravi that wakes up after these many years in the 21st century, takes some time to cope up with the fact and the ton of modifications the entire world was exposed to, throughout the course of time.

Ravi afterward becomes near some other woman (Kajal Aggarwal), from whom he has to know that the idol he talented to Nikita years back was a costly one. The way he attempts to get it back, and that belongs to an infamous MLA, forms the remainder of the narrative.

They are considering that the hilarious and innovative storyline that the movie needed, there was plenty of scopes to construct fascinating scenes during the film. However, a fun first half did not possess an equally engaging latter half due to some melodramatic scenes. Though those scenes hauled some of the unpleasant reality of the times, it turns into somewhat preachy after some stage. There are scenes that 90s children can relate to, staying nearly true to the way the makers had promised, and also some episodes that involve Ravi’s ignorance and innocence are portrayed nicely. The scenes that glorify objectification to elicit laughter might have been prevented.

Yogi Babu does score big in a couple of scenes — he also brings down the house and complements the humor scenes with Ravi. Samyuktha and Ananthi are persuasive in their own characters. Kajal’s characterization and Shah Ra’s on the top performance in some scenes ought to have managed in a better way. KS Ravikumar, that looks in two seems, aptly fits the bill at the part of a dreaded politician.

Comali 1 HD movie

Comali Full HD Movie

Genre:                 Comedy
Cast:                   Jayam Ravi, Kajal Aggarwal, Yogi Babu
Quality:               HD
Directed By:       Pradeep Ranganathan
Written By:         Pradeep Ranganathan

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