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Arddhanaari Full HD Movie Free Download And Watch Online


Arddhanaari Full HD Movie Free Download And Watch Online

When a Telugu film is put in college, it is always either about observing college life, the glorification of bad friendships, or even worse, infatuations. Director Karteek Anand, who played a direct role, needs to be valued for wanting a new genre and constructing a light-hearted thriller which is employed for the most part. The perplexing screenplay, along with also a draggy first-half, however, ends up being a drawback.

Revanth is a hard-working pupil who would like to organize a college festival known as Eureka on a grand notice. He gets the necessary permissions to hold it gathers pupil to pull it off. His goal is to put a stop to the festival, plus he even gets to regular brawls using Revanth in a bid to perform that. One of the fights goes to the extent to which authorities intervene. However, on the afternoon of Eureka, Yuva finds out Revanth’s lifeless body. Fearing that he will be blamed for the murder, he gets out to solve the puzzle before the parade ends.

The love connection between Yuva and his girlfriend (Dimple Hayashi) is dull and forcefully fitted to the narrative. The flashback describing the motive for Yuva’s behavior could have been clarified in a much better way. Though the humor isn’t so great, it certainly passes the time before the film gets into the thick of things, which it will after Yuva sets out to locate the killer along with his buddies (Abhay Bethiganti and Shalini Vadnikatti).

Karteek succeeds in keeping the viewer participated with the turns and twists. Even though he chooses a couple of cinematic liberties and forgoes logic, the very fact he tried something fresh and even pulled it off, for the most part, states a good deal about the debutant. Naresh Kumaran’s history score also aids the film for the most part.

Karteek plays his role quickly and strangely chooses to smoke onscreen whenever he is required to provide an extreme operation. Munna is excellent enough in his position, and the actresses do not have a lot to do.

Arddhanaari Full HD Movie

Genre:                   Thriller
Cast:                     Harikrishna, Jyoti, Mirchi Madhavi
Quality:                 HD
Directed By:         Bhanushanker Chowdary
Written By:           Bhanushanker Chowdary

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